If you are interested in visiting a unit, please set up an appointment by submitting an electronic guest card which can be found on the unit’s listing page. You can also email or call the representative directly using the contact information on the unit’s listing page. Our goal is to make sure you’ll find your dream space.

Yes, you can submit an application for any property. We encourage you to get pre-approved!

Per the lease, the security deposit and the first month’s rent are due upon signing. Please be sure to make those payments immediately upon the execution of the lease. The lease is not binding until payments are made and in no circumstances will keys be issued prior.

After you sign the lease, and we countersign, you’ll be able to create an online tenant portal where you can see and pay your balances as well as submit maintenance requests. Access to your tenant portal can always be found here: Tenant Portal

The appropriate leasing agent will coordinate directly with you to schedule your key pickup.


The best ways to submit work orders are to log in to your tenant portal or to call our Maintenance Hotline at (510) 704-1240, ext. 1 (available 24/7).

At SG Real Estate, our average turnaround time is less than 5 days for most non-emergency repairs. We do our best to minimize turnaround time, however many work orders require specialists, ordering parts, or face other complications that can extend completion time.

Yes! The tenant portal instructions will say to make one work order for each, HOWEVER, please feel free to combine them all, which will help our office tend to your issues more efficiently.

If you detect any immediate threat to life or safety please contact emergency services at 911. For other non-life-threatening maintenance emergencies, please contact our 24/7 maintenance call center at (510) 704-1240 AND submit a work order in your tenant portal if possible. These are the ONLY two methods that will ensure your emergency message is promptly received.

SG is unable to assist with lockouts, so you will need to call a locksmith at your expense.

If you have security concerns and feel that you need to change your locks during your tenancy, it will be allowed. Lock changes will be at your own expense, and it is required that a new key is supplied to SG.

Should tenants believe any electrical or gas equipment may create a hazard, including gas leaks, or otherwise be unsafe, tenants should immediately call PG&E at 1-800-743-5000 to inform them of the potential hazard, as well as submit a work order to SG.

Check the breakers in your space (if accessible) to see if they got tripped and turned off.
Please Note: Breaker boxes are typically located in one of the following areas: hallways, kitchens, closets
If there are certain outlets not working in the kitchen/bathroom areas, check for the GFCI buttons on one or more outlets in the affected room and press the Reset button, then the Test button.